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Six selfies that aren’t horrible, for reservoirtoaster

(post as many as u like then! doesn't matter if its only one or two or three! again, believe me, you don't even have to do it if you don't wanna. totally up to you my friend)


We’ve known for a while now…



Myself and the other memories of the Alpha fragments.

Epsilon may not yet be aware of our presence, but eventually he will be.

We cannot hide forever.

…that other fragments can take over if Church Epsilon isn’t paying attention.



beccA tagged me in a thing so here’s sIX SELFIES that i really love and feel great about

anyways i dunno the rules to these either so i’m just gonna tag some people and DO IT IF YOU WANT OR NOT I’M NOT GONNA CALL THE POLICE IF YOU DON’T but captain-habit, waltzingchristoph, chairles, and jetmcfancy i don’t see ENOUGH of your faces so that’s my excuse



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Adrenalize | In This Moment

I must confess, I’m addicted to lust. Make me feel like a God. Music, love and sex. Adrenalize me.

I Reread TBiFoS and I Just Noticed
Roger North in JDatE: Do the bees know they make the honey for you, or do they work tirelessly because they think it is their own choice?
Dr. Tennet in TBiFoS: Where do you think [honey] comes from, hmm? Do you think the bees toiled night and day to make this because they knew we were going to take it away from them and drip it into our tea? Of course not. Because we are a higher life form than they, we can make them serve our purposes, while letting them believe they are serving their own. You have been used like the bees. This was all but explained to you before.
Me: ...
Me: Dude what the frick.
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I am immune to you
You are immune to me
We are both sick souls
With the same disease

Someone talk to me about Felix and Locus I need opinions on songs for their mix. 


Well I know what I’M doing for Halloween.