(I like awkwardness)

Dinobot/Rattrap T^T I love them both!

we srly need Dinobot in the IDW verse !


Can’t get enough of that bootay.
(I spent too much time on this)


i got bored drawing the full thing so I just kinda
stopped halfway


i got bored drawing the full thing so I just kinda

stopped halfway

My body is seriously trying to convince me that I’m an old man. 

Along with my horrible arthritic knees and restricted diet, I’ve now feel like someone stabbed me with a railroad spike in my lower spine.

Good morning. 



angry baby wash for my new sidebar and theme ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 

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So, if you’re interested.





Glitch appreciation post

im curious as to what he did to get empuratatad

See I thought it was quite interesting, because initially I thought it would make sense if all the Outliers were forged (it would make more sense than if they had been constructed cold, as I’m guessing there’d be more control over the type of frame/function you’d achieve than with a forged bot and therefore much less wiggle room for weird powers and unusual skills) but then that would immediately make Glitch’s mutilation all the more unusual (as it’s usually constructed bots that are subjected to it out of prejudice) so whatever Glitch must have done it must have been serious.

But then again, looking at him (what little there is of him in the comic) there isn’t much to suggest that he’s some criminal mastermind - in fact he seems almost timid and slightly juvenile - his body language is quite closed off, in several panels he’s seen as almost nervously fiddling with his hands and his interactions with the other bots seem to reflect that he’s read as being quite young - ratchet immediately feels comfortable enough quite firmly grasping his hands and examining him, it is suggested that he still has a long way to go with learning to master his powers, and Orion has to actually shush him, startled but concerned when he cries out in the middle of their break-in.

So again, not really much indication of a dangerous criminal - so we can perhaps assume a few other things. It has already been stated that the Outliers are liable to be the victim of prejudice, and its not hard to imagine that Glitch from his conception probably wasn’t able to control his power - he’d be getting into trouble for accidentally shorting out things (notice that he even shorted out skids’ grappling hook, that means he can probably short out other tools and weapons that are modified into cybertronian frames, let alone whatever machinery they rely on in daily life), and when his powers were discovered he could have then even been approached by the wrong sorts of people and coerced into criminal activity - its not too far a stretch to imagine that either way, his powers would have led to him being apprehended and when he couldn’t be explained he was mutilated to single him out, identify him as different and potentially dangerous. Even Orion, when he was first introduced to the Outliers immediately focused on Glitch, referring to him as ‘the one with the claws’, knowing all too well what significance they held

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